Diversity and Inclusion


Film production has a diversity problem. Women and BIPOC individuals are wildly under-represented on sets and offices across the world. It’s a reflection of both an economic barrier to entry, as well as a lack of corrective measures from the production companies themselves.

Casual has committed to a three step plan which we hope will contribute to an industry more reflective of society as a whole.

It may not sound groundbreaking, but we’ve deliberately chosen a course of action that is achievable and measurable. We want to make sure this actually happens.

Since 2018, the majority of Casual employees have been women. It’s a start, but we’ve got a long way to go…







01. Educate

Our greatest asset is our knowledge and experience in filmmaking. We will continue to re-invest in how we share this expertise with others by focusing more time and effort on the Casual Academy and skills workshops.

The Casual Academy
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The Casual Academy provides 16-25 year olds from diverse, often disadvantaged, backgrounds with hands-on filmmaking experience. Working alongside our professional filmmakers, the Academy members attend skills workshops, culminating in the production of a free film for a local charity that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. The charity gets a free film, the young people get the experience of working for a real client.

So far we have reached over 150 young people across our home cities.

Guardian Gym

Oakland Academy, 2018

Back On My Feet

New York Academy, 2017

Beating Bowel Cancer

London Academy, 2016

Manor Gardens - BTS

London Academy, 2015

Back On My Feet - BTS

New York Academy, 2017

Beating Bowel Cancer - BTS

London Academy, 2015

02. Invest

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year with various suppliers in our communities. Professional Services, Freelancers, Equipment rental. Catering…the list is extensive.

Redistributing this money in a more equitable and targeted manner will help support minority-owned businesses.

Through actively seeking new suppliers, and reporting on this spend quarterly, our goal is to achieve 10% YOY growth of total spend directed towards BIPOC and women owned businesses.

03. Recruit

A diverse workforce offers a variety of perspectives that will increase our creativity and productivity. Getting a broad range of applicants is central to this.

We will increase the visibility of our job postings to BIPOC candidates by advertising every available position on diversity focussed job boards. Our goal is to then interview at least one BIPOC individual for every position.