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    We understand you

    We pride ourselves being able to work as an extension of your team.

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    Trusted In-House Team

    Our experienced, expert, flexible and cost efficient in-house talent.

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    Over 10 years of experience

    Leveraging a decade of experience to problem solve on your behalf.

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    We care

    Our Casual Academy charity trains young people in film production.

1. We understand you

There are lots of talented filmmakers out there. There aren’t quite so many that specialize in working directly with Fortune 500 companies – understanding what it is they want to say, unlocking their inner workings, and knowing how to best put that up on screen to reach the right audience.

There are even less who can do it all with a smile of their face. But the few that do exist, work for Casual Films.

2. Trusted In-House Team

Our philosophy has always to been to try and make our films with the people we have on our payroll. Over the years we’ve grown into a global team of 40 producers, filmmakers, animators, editors, creatives and client service-types.

Having all these people in the office all day, every day allows us to be incredibly agile and flexible. So when the unexpected happens, we’re ready to react in an instant.  It also means that you’ll consistently be working with the same people, and not an ever-changing roster of freelancers.

3. Over 10 years of experience

Corporate communications tend to get a bad rap. 

But luckily we’ve had the chance to work on over 7000 films to help buck that trend. In doing so we’ve picked up over 70 industry awards along the way.

We regularly leverage our decade worth of experience to problem solve on your behalf. And while we like to think we’re still young at heart, you can rest assured we’ve probably seen it all before.

4. We care

Based in London and New York, the Casual Academy non-profit invests in future talent and aims to widen participation in our industry. It brings together our own staff, small local non-profits and aspiring filmmakers to provide them with hands-on filmmaking training. The non-profit gets a film, the young people get the experience and a showreel piece.

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...and one more thing. We were voted Televisual Magazine's number one corporate production company

In March 2016 we were voted the UK’s number one corporate production company in Televisual magazine’s peer poll.  Having offices in both London and New York and a global client base is a major contributing factor to winning this accolade. Thank you to our peers for voting for us, as this helps us on our mission to work with great people, make great films and keep our clients happy.

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