Remember, these are not templates. Your video will be completely bespoke, using your colors, fonts, logos, and visual identity, as well as stock footage and graphics that perfectly match your messaging. 

Not sure which is right for you?

Stock footage approach

High Tech

Digital tool? New platform? Data driven insights? This style is perfect for technology related videos.


Got an event you want to promote? Want to increase engagement from team members? This fast past, dynamic style is great for building excitement.

Fun and Quirky

Is your message more light-hearted? Are you a fun loving brand? This approach could be for you.

Clean and Simple

Sometimes less is more. This elegant approach gets your message across in a stylish and sophisticated way.

Fully animated approach

Sliding Panels

Is your product or service more abstract? Do you feel like stock footage might struggle to represent what you're all about? No problem! This style of animation is great to simplifying complex messages.

Kinetic Type

Let the text do the talking! Using typography to spell out your script will keep the audience's audiences eyes where you want them.