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Hi, I'm Lexi.

I joined Casual Films three years ago after working in creative agencies on the strategy and production of commercial campaigns. I’ve worked in Sydney, London and New York markets building up a talented network along the way. Being an EP with Casual Films is incredibly rewarding and I’m endlessly motivated by the smart, hardworking and creative team.

Since joining Casual, I’ve been shooting drone footage at a wind farm in the middle-of-nowhere-Texas, found myself on the trading floor of the NYSE on IPO day, and lost myself in the dulcet tones of Idina Menzel on a grand piano. No two days are ever quite the same!

An engaging and effective production needs a strong audience insight, a tightly defined purpose, and a beautifully crafted execution.

My team and I look forward to evolving your message with film, and having a great time along the way.




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