Client name
Marriott International
Campaign name
The Wandernaut Show
Internal Communications
Serialised Content




4 x


Of written posts on the same channels



Over the industry average for CRM activity


To develop a series of films and animations for Marriott’s new always-on film channel. Illustrating the brand’s focus on the wellbeing of its team – engaging current associates and illustrating the ethos to job seekers.

In 2014, Marriott International added the word ‘Wandernaut’* to the Urban Dictionary. Hence the name for the presenter for the series – Alex Wandernaut.

*A know-it-all, frequent traveller. They will one up any travel story you’ve got because they’ve already been there, done that. They somehow always are in the first boarding group at the airport. They get upgrades at their hotels. You hate them, but secretly wish you were them.


In Take It From The CEO: Happiness, The Animated Way, ‘Alex Wandernaut’ tours ‘Happiness Headquarters’, the HQ of Marriott International in the company of Marriott’s HR leader, David Rodriguez. A mix of drawn animation, photography and film brings this journey to life.

The tour illustrates that well being is all around at Marriott, the whole way of working is geared to it. Treadmills in conference rooms, meditation rooms and even the M studio for a proper workout, followed by a healthy smoothie at the juice bar. It also introduces the audience to M Live, the company’s social media platform.



The content engaged audiences across multiple channels and was a central component of the Marriott Careers engagement strategy.

The films were distributed across:

  • Social media channels:
    YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Chinese networks
  • CRM: Marriot International database of 1.6 million job seekers
  • PR: Content provided to millennial-targeted publications in the business, tech and HR/Jobs categories

Result achieved:

  • One million views on the Marriott International Film Channel during 2015
  • 4x engagement levels compared to text posts on social channels
  • 10x industry average engagement rates across social channels
  • 65% increase in followers on Twitter
  • 20% increase in followers on LinkedIn up by 20 percent
  • <25% open rate from job seekers


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