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#ThoughtforThursday: The Flames of Innovation

Globally businesses spend billions on consultants to help them to become more agile and innovative. The tidal wave of the current crisis has forced business to innovate more in less time than it has arguably ever has. Breweries making hand sanitiser, restaurants as wine shops, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have pivoted to producing ventilators in a matter of days. The growing flexible working movement has exploded - whole companies working from home, using new platforms to stay aligned, workers judged by output rather than presenteeism.

This is the ‘great acceleration’, driven by the crisis. Casual has accelerated some of our own developments too. We have been innovating in our own way since we started making films with a laptop and a camcorder nearly 15 years ago. Over the last couple of months, we have launched our Say it in Sixty platform, our Ariel Inspa video library and our digital freelancer network. All with the aim of making production more accessible and efficient. We had been developing these in the background but the crisis inspired us to ‘get them out.’

Life is not going back to ‘normal’ anytime soon – if ever. The big question for the whole business world – from corner shop to global Goliath - is how do we keep the flame of ingenuity burning, when the fires of Covid have been quenched?

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