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#ThoughtforThursday: Content is King

"Content is King"

- Bill Gates

Content is king, which is why great content is the kingmaker. This is why it is such stunningly big business for those who choose to do battle in this arena. Last year, Netflix spent $15 billion, Amazon $6 billion, Apple $6 billion and HBO and Hulu on $3.5 billion and $3 billion respectively (not with Casual I should add!). That’s significantly more than Canada or Australia spend on their defence!

But then, they are in the content business – it’s their product – so of course they will invest in it. What’s a little less well understood is just how important having the best content is for the rest of the business world. There are of course benefits in having advertising that is so good that your audience choose to share it online - check out our blog on producing viral videos. Beyond this how valuable is it for prospective employees to search out more about your company because of a film for example or to pique the interest of a potential investor?

The follow up which is often used to the idea that content is king is that context is queen. Context makes all the difference – just remember the time you missed that the fancy dress wedding wasn’t fancy dress. The corona virus crisis has changed – and will continue to change - the context for all of us for years to come. The question is just how much, if at all, that will change the value of the content that we all produce, share and consume.

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