“Everyone's got a plan till they get punched in the face”

- ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

Life has been getting faster and faster over the last few years. There's been a continual pressure to optimise almost everything we do. Cooking became '30-minute meals', became '15-minute meals', workouts at your desk, books condensed to read on a tube journey. We were always on, always striving, always trying to improve. Living your best life - the best life possible - was the name of the game.

Punches to the face don’t come much more dislocating – or protracted – than being forced home for months on end. Driven into the Groundhog Day cycle of ‘what day is it? - what week is it?!' repetitiveness. 'Optimisation' has become almost impossible, squeezed by the monotony of space and time.

Yes, this could be a time to learn a new language, or bake, or do any of the million things that you have been planning to do forever. But then, we’ve all been punched in the face, fairly hard. That's not something to optimise, it's something to survive. Give yourself a break, read a book, look after the kids, go for a walk - give yourself a break - because living your best life right now could just be avoiding hitting the mat.

The Walker Brothers - Make it Easy on Yourself

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