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#ThoughtforThursday: Time to take a moment

Now that it's normal to not leave your house for days on end, that the kitchen table is also the office and that kids/dogs/cats chime in on conference calls, normality in itself seems to be being tested. Can you remember what you did last Tuesday? Specifically on that day? No? Neither can we. That's neither surprising nor unique. Given the lack of genuinely contrasting events to guide the memory back, it's exceedingly hard to remember particular times. 

So what will we remember about living through this event? The sameness? The Zoom staff beers? The call with friends that you haven't seen in ages? Like any period in our memory, there will be moments that stand out but one thing we will probably all remember is the feeling. The uncertainty, the anxiety, the isolation.

The fact is that we have the opportunity to define how we will remember this period. Most of us have plenty more time on the isolation clock. We can sink into a book, reach out to old friends or even, if you're feeling ambitious, learn a new skill - coding? bread-making? editing?!

Or maybe just take a moment and remember that crazy time when life passed fast but the world stood as still as it ever will and you could lie on the grass and look up at the sky.

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