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#ThoughtforThursday: Making things better in precedented times

It's not every day that we live through an event that is genuinely 'epoch defining'. A facet of society's increasing fondness for hyperbole is that we're left at a bit of a loss when something genuinely superlative happens. Every event is unprecedented, without precedent that is apart from almost everything that seems to have happened in news, business, and public life since some time around 2010.

But the current crisis is significant; significant as a life event, significant enough to wonder what we might do differently after it passes. Is what comes next going to be better than what came before? Is there going to be a Bretton Woods style meeting to usher in a New Post-Corona World Order? Probably not, but that doesn't mean things can't be better on the other side.

Of course, it's easy to say that 'we'll just return to the way things were', but the 'we' in that sentence is us. Its inclusion empowers us to do something about it - even if it's just in our own direct areas of influence. Sure, this could spur us on to fix climate change, the plastification of the oceans and global inequality. But if it just inspires us to call our friends and relatives just a little more often? Well that's something. 

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