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Producing effective content in the Asia Pacific region

Lexi Hayes, Executive Producer in Casual’s Sydney office, explores how brands achieve local success in the APAC region.

Video is a critical tool, and creating content that feels relevant to your audience is vital if you want to achieve engagement and effectiveness. Having worked across markets in London, New York and Sydney, as well as developing intricate campaigns for the likes of Tiffany & Co, NewsCorp, and fintech giant Citadel, Lexi can meet with you to strategise and plan your next localised campaign for APAC.

Without wanting to sound too basic here, APAC is not one single market with a shared culture. The nuances between religions, languages, media habits, and values are delicate and diverse. How do you suppose Starbucks broke into tea-focused China? They planned for this. They made a long-term and concerted effort to understand the country’s culture, and to find their own place within it. 

To do localisation right, it needs to be considered while planning a new campaign, before any production occurs. Here are some of the basics to get you thinking ahead.

  • Casual can help you avoid this becoming purely a translation exercise, or an afterthought once you’ve delivered in English.
  • Content should be transcreated vs translated – this takes into account language, tone, style and broader context. The endearing ‘mon petit chou’ of France is not so romantic in New Zealand, translating literally to ‘my little cauliflower’.
  • Using a narrator off-camera will simply require re-recording, making it more cost/time efficient when localising for other markets. 
  • When running content in multiple markets, it is important to consider the diversity of your talent – ensuring they feel relatable to the audiences in each market.

So how are you currently tailoring your brand’s marketing efforts abroad? Let’s talk it through. Businesses can execute in APAC  with Casual Films as an extension of your team. Doing so does not just boost salience with your audience; it brings your brand onto the international stage.

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