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We are devoting our Knowledge section to everything you need to know about the ways our industry is changing. If you have any questions at all, or want us to feature something here, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to help you.

New City, New Job | Starting at Casual Films in a Pandemic

Posted by Brandon Berezo
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There’s no denying that 2020 was one of the strangest years on record. The COVID-19 virus became a global pandemic and changed the world as we knew it. For me personally, 2020 saw me hitting multiple personal milestones -- none of which were able to be celebrated with friends and family. 

One of those milestones included landing a new job as a Production Coordinator with Casual FIlms, and moving to Los Angeles from a rural town in Southwest Washington. So, what was it like starting a new career and moving cities during a pandemic? Strange. 

skyward image in los angeles looking at palm trees

I’ve been working at Casual Films for two months and I have yet to meet any of my colleagues in person. However, I feel more welcomed and appreciated than I would have expected in an all-virtual working environment. I can’t express how much it means to me to work for a company that values its employees well being. 

The onboarding process at Casual Films speaks true to our name, we’re casual -- but in a good way. In previous jobs, there’s always that initial two week “training” period, where you sit in a room with a few other new hires, for 8 hours a day, and wait to get started on the real work. At Casual Films, it's clear they hire people who possess the knowledge and tools they need to be successful so you can jump right in and get started. So as soon as I was finished with my new-hire paperwork, I was off to the races -- living out my video production dreams. 

So what’s it like moving to a city where COVID-19 cases have continued to explode? It’s weird. Leaving the house to do anything causes anxiety and worry. The most exciting thing we get to do is map out the various restaurants and stores we want to visit once things open back up again. It’s nice to know that these things are just a few blocks away, even if they aren’t open yet.

a dog named max

In a lot of ways, moving to a new city has reset our pandemic fatigue. We're in a new apartment, with new jobs -- there are literally hundreds of new restaurants to order from, and with sunshine just outside the window, life just feels a little easier.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend moving to a large city during a pandemic, I have to admit it’s really made us feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even with not being able to physically interact with new people or make new friends, it’s still a welcome change of pace after the monotony of the pandemic had already set in. Plus, after spending the first 30 years of my life in Washington (and the rain), the consistent sunshine and working in an exciting new role doesn’t hurt either. 


2020 has demonstrated how creative we can get given such stringent filming limitations. Casual Films has pivoted to continue to meet our clients' needs even in our new normal. Need to communicate ever-changing strategy? We've got you covered with delightful animations and snappy edits. Absolutely need to show your employees or facilities? Our team is well-versed in all the COVID-safe precautions to make filming in-person both safe and effective. Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive...

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Five Films You Need to Make in 2021

Posted by Sanica Apte
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Having wrapped up a year of endless surprises, new normals, adapting and adjusting, inspiration can be hard to come by. Well, here are a couple of films to help get the imagination flowing again...

The great thing about working in this industry is that you can have the chance to be creative every single day. However, even if it's is your main job, there's nothing scarier than creating on a blank page without bounds.

Luckily here at Casual, our creativity is always in lockstep with purpose. What does the film need to accomplish? How can we maximize the clients budget so they get the most value? What new filmmaking techniques fit with the client's brand and their audience? 

Creating within these parameters is an opportunity to make something even better. Imagination without bounds can be exciting, but creating with a purpose is in some ways, even more satisfying. Within constraints, creativity can flourish.

So check out these films to get the creative juices flowing for 2021, and you just might find yourself inspired. 

The 'Recruit the Best Talent' Film

HSBC - Early Careers 
This film we made for HSBC is a combination of animation and interviews conducted over Zoom. HSBC approached us to create a series of honest, genuine videos that depict a true representation of what the the Early Careers Programme can offer new candidates. These films showcase a wide range of personalities and professional stories so that they appeal to a broad audience of potential candidates. Ultimately, the films were a tool to build awareness and interest in HSBC as not only a future employer but also a future career. 
Throughout, we're using the simple metaphor of getting a 'window in' to these employees lives. This is brought to life both through the visuals -- the Zoom interviews are framed as windows alongside the animation. And, in the content -- each interviewee is sharing their honest and true experiences, giving the viewers a peek into their lives. 
The Branded Content Film(s) 
GoDaddy Success Story: Elohim
Over the past few years we have traveled across the US profiling entrepreneurs for GoDaddy. Highlighting people who are following their passions and carving their own path, these 2-3 minute mini-documentaries showcase inspiring stories from GoDaddy's customer base. These stories are then pushed out on their YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This campaign is cultivating a community of people who are committed to the small-business economy and inspiring others to pursue their own side-hustles and follow their dreams.
These stories serve as a catalog of content marketing for GoDaddy as well as a treasure trove of customer testimonials. Viewers enjoy genuine, human interest stories with strategically placed product mentions within the context of the narrative. This allows GoDaddy to function as its own broadcaster while also increasing brand recognition and affinity. Not to mention, a simple way to get more recognition for their website building services. 
The Fascinating Explainer Animation
IFF - Responsible Sourcing 
Animation is a simple tool to making any complex concept easier to understand. It's infinitely editable and manipulatable -- making it friendly to any piece of content that is evolving constantly or needing to be segmented out for different audiences. The endless possibilities of visuals from characters, icons, maps, to charts can spice up any technical concept. 
This film we made for International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) takes you through their responsible sourcing supply chain initiatives -- framing a primarily process-oriented change in a visually interesting, engaging way that ties it back to broader environmental goals. 
The 'Who We Are' Film (EVP) 


BMW Careers

We love this BMW Careers film because it demonstrates how effective video can be at illustrating company culture. It was produced from the large amount of footage that BMW already had. This was combined with some library footage, motion graphics, and a punchy soundtrack, to deliver an effect that is eye-catching, memorable and effective.

The Films that Make a Difference
Amplifier | We the Future - Amanda Gorman
This week's US inauguration left us with emotions that we haven’t felt in quite some time: hope, relief, and optimism. There is much work to be done still but it's a joy to embrace togetherness, unity, and positivity.

Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s speech was a true stand out. A few years ago, we had the honor of interviewing her for Amplifier's We the Future campaign. She inspired us then, she gave us goosebumps today, and there’s no doubt she’s one of our leaders of tomorrow. 
Documentary-style films like these profiling activists, artists, and change-makers is a simple way to align a brand with the right side of history. Consumers are drawn to brands that stand for something -- it's more than just making a good product or providing a great service. People are voting with their dollars and putting their backing behind companies they can be proud of. In times like these, there's nothing more important than doing your part for the greater good both as an individual, and as a business. 

Amplifier is a non-profit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. Learn more about the We The Future campaign at 


2020 has demonstrated how creative we can get given such stringent filming limitations. Casual Films has pivoted to continue to meet our clients' needs even in our new normal. Need to communicate ever-changing strategy? We've got you covered with delightful animations and snappy edits. Absolutely need to show your employees or facilities? Our team is well-versed in all the COVID-safe precautions to make filming in-person both safe and effective. Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive...

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Case Study: Avery Dennison In-Plant Printing Solutions

Posted by Emily Lay
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With COVID-19 restrictions limiting our ability to shoot live action footage for our clients during lockdown, animation is an evergreen solution to communicate your company's message in a clear and engaging way.  

Animation has the power to be the most agile and future-proof piece of communication in your armory

When working with animation, we are not bound by what was shot on the day animation is infinitely editable.  With the knowledge your messaging may need to change in days, weeks or months, you can produce an animated marketing video in a style that can be updated with minimal impact. This means your content can remain current and relevant without producing additional media.  

Example screenshot from the Avery Dennison animated marketing video

In the fall of 2020, Avery Dennison approached us to create an animated marketing video that features how blended solutions maximize their supply chain flexibility and responsiveness, by offering customers globally consistent labels via a combination of ordering from Avery Dennison service bureau and printing via in-plant printing solutions at their factory floor. 
The Casual Films Solution: Avery Dennison wanted to show and explain the process in an exciting, storified way using a black and white whiteboard style animation. We advised that a 2D vector style animation would be more aesthetically pleasing, opening up greater opportunity to create an engaging storyline with bespoke characters and assets, whilst using the Avery Dennison color palette. 
We were thrilled that the stakeholders trusted our solution and agreed we could go ahead with the colourful 2D animation!
Related: Want to see examples of live-action marketing videos? From Adobe to Star Alliance, check out these 5 powerful marketing videos.

2020 has demonstrated how creative we can get given such stringent filming limitations. Casual Films has pivoted to continue to meet our clients' needs even in our new normal. Need to communicate ever-changing strategy? We've got you covered with delightful animations and snappy edits. Absolutely need to show your employees or facilities? Our team is well-versed in all the COVID-safe precautions to make filming in-person both safe and effective. Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our marketing video production team for a test drive — or to learn more about animated marketing video production....

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Get inspired for 2021: Some of our favorite films of 2020

Posted by Sanica Apte
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2020 has been a year for the history books. We learned, grew, adapted, and persevered. We bonded, we took endless Zoom meetings, and now we're here at the end. This week on the blog, let's take a look back at 2020 through some of our favorite films (to make) of the year. 

December has always been a month of reflection. People slow down, take some time off, and take stock of what all they accomplished this year. But in 2020, that looks a bit different. We're all just glad to have made it through. It's not a year to traverse the cliffs of success, it's a year to buckle down, try your hardest at the things you can control, and lean on each other to make it through the rest. 

For Casual Films, we count ourselves as extremely fortunate. You don't have to look too far to see how businesses across the world have closed, employees been furloughed, and people just generally struggling. Back in March of this year, we went through those same motions, those same worries. As difficult as this year has been, it's been extraordinary that we are all sharing such a common experience. 

As we stand here at the end of December, we just want to say thank you. Thank you to our staff of 45+ across London, New York, and Los Angeles who have persisted in creating for our clients. We launched our Ariel production system. We figured out how to film remotely, film UGC content easily, film on COVID-safe sets, and keep making great films no matter the circumstances. We played team-bonding games, we bantered on Slack, we bonded (virtually). 

We're grateful for the relationships we've built to see us through these tough times. We're thankful that we can look out for each other, lean on one another, and begin 2021 with a bit of hope. Here's to the New Year being kinder to us all. 

In the spirit of reflection, let's take a little trip down memory lane & see which films Casual-ers most proud of in 2020. 

UNHCR - Nansen Awards


Often videos that deal with weighty topics are overwrought and can feel melodramatic. The relative intensities of the subject matter and the visuals were well balanced here. - Edward Beresford, CFO | London 

This year's Nansen winners are truly inspirational people and learning about the achievements of these incredible women put a lot of things in perspective. Projects like this don’t come up too often at Casual and felt very lucky to work on the series with a group of very talented people. It was great to see the team go the extra mile to deliver the films and to see the reaction of viewers, who were equally in awe of these amazing ladies! - Emily Lay, Executive Producer | London

HSBC - Technology and Innovation

My favourite film to work on this year was 'Technology and Innovation' for HSBC. When working on a film comprised of stock footage and client supplied content often as an editor you are very restricted by the content you have to work with, and the quality of the film can suffer as a consequence of this. However HSBC were able to supply fantastic video content and were very open to a more creative visual style and trusting of our ability to do so, allowing us to add our creative flare to the project and thoroughly enjoy doing so! - Dan Hankinson, Head of Post Production | London

Google - Global Site Tag

A fun animation project that demonstrates an intangible digital product. Simplifying the more technical language using abstract shapes and sound design...even a pinball machine! Bet you didn't know you had that going on behind the screen. - Lexi Mounsey, Executive Producer | New York
Haringey Council - I'm Out
It's strange to think that exactly a year ago we were shooting these films, and only finished filming in February 2020. I know I keep going on about this project :) but I do think it was an amazing example of our team coming together to achieve something challenging, and wonderful. The added bonus was that we worked really closely with both the client and the young people who the issue affected, and involved them in the whole process which was so rewarding. The limited budget, the timescales, the sheer anount of organising needed to film a fight scene (with a knife!) on an estate, and all of the post work, including composing music and fantastic sound design, a lovely (but challenging edit) and a beautiful colour grade, I could go on... was a huge testament to everyone giving their all for a project that we were passionate about. - Tarryn Paul, Producer | London
GoDaddy, Roundtable Discussions 

My favorite film of the year was the 'Roundtable Discussions' series we created for GoDaddy. Filmed remotely in the height of lockdown, these discussions featured Black entrepreneurs across all industries, sharing their experiences, advice, and thoughts on finding success as Black-owned businesses and helping others in their community.

The films were some of the most urgent, topical ones that we made this year - publishing in step as the U.S. (and the world) had a national reckoning on our perceptions of race.

We also produced these in the height of lockdown. Without being able to film in person, we shipped iPhones and a small tripod all around the U.S. so folks could film themselves easily. A simple, useful filming technique we've since used for several other clients. - Sanica Apte, Producer | Los Angeles

New York State Dept. of Public Health, Wear A Mask PSA

One of my favorites this year was our Wear A Mask PSA for the New York State Department of Health. A project our editor, Aaron, put together in May that sort of marked the beginning of our “new normal”. 
Also, shout out to us receiving an honorable mention from the State on this–whoop, whoop! - Fritz Polax, Production Coordinator | New York



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How Do You Make Stock Footage Look Good? | Casual Films

Posted by Dan Hankinson
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COVID restrictions limited our ability to shoot live action footage for our clients during lockdown earlier in the year. This meant we had to get creative with the different types of video production we could offer and champion our in-house post production talent.

Stock video and user generated content (UGC) became the most cost-effective and engaging way to communicate our clients' messaging. More than ever businesses needed to communicate with their audience, and we were able to support them every step of the way.

Say the words “stock footage” to a video editor and ordinarily you're greeted with a very long yawn in return. Often what people envision with stock footage is endless clips of alpha male business handshakes, overly enthusiastic office meetings and beautiful people with perfect teeth turning to smile at the camera, all with an extra helping of cheese. But it can be a lifesaving part of your video production strategy (as many clients found out).

So how do you make stock video look cool?
At Casual Films we have access to a range of stock footage and image libraries that offer a brilliant variety of appropriate and “fromage free” content that fits most needs. Our editors are well versed in bringing this content to life and finding innovative ways to present it, cut it and link it together to perfectly deliver a chosen narrative, mood and pace. The great thing about stock footage is that it only requires a small team, keeps costs down, and opens up a variety of options for your film that can be easily corrected or updated at a later date if your messaging needs to change.

Below are two examples where our video production specialists have married together stock footage, motion graphics and UGC/existing footage.

Example 1: HSBC Technology and Innovation
The first example, HSBC Technology and Innovation, delivers the key message of innovation within HSBC through a dynamic and stylised edit. Each contributor recorded a voiceover which we cut between, intertwining each voice to create a sense of both diversity and togetherness. This narrative is then brought to life with content provided by the HSBC contributors and carefully selected stock footage.

HSBC - Technology and Innovation

Related: We’ve even done some COVID-safe filming for HSBC’s recruitment team. Check out this case study for details on how we filmed HSBC recruitment videos remotely.

Example 2: Plan Zero A Mitie Initiative 
Plan Zero – A Mitie Initiative is another brilliant example of how stock footage, simple graphics and sound design can be combined to create a fast paced, slick film that helps engage an audience on important, information heavy subjects that may ordinarily lose their interest. 

Plan Zero – A Mitie Initiative

Bold, clear typography gets the messaging across quickly and effectively whilst quick match cuts and clever shot compositions are brought to life with bespoke sound design. This then acts as a common thread that ties the film together. 

Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive, or check out our range of corporate video production services here.

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Happy Thanksgiving, From Your Friends at Casual Films

Posted by Sanica Apte
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As Thanksgiving rolls around each year, we are reminded of all that there is to feel grateful for. 

As we turn the corner into 2021, there's no doubt we'll all go into the new year having learned something - about ourselves, about our communities, about the world. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to take stock, and give thanks. To inject a little optimism into this time of year. 

At Casual, we're grateful for our team. Through strange times, our staff of 45+ across London, New York, and Los Angeles have persisted in creating for our clients. We figured out how film remotely, film UGC content easily, film on COVID-safe sets, and keep making great films no matter the circumstances. We played team-bonding games, we bantered on Slack, we bonded (virtually). 

Empathy is the keyword of this year. Stressors extend beyond just work-tasks. We're all cooped up in our homes, worried about loved ones, feeling a range of emotions. We're so thankful for how supportive our teams have been to each other.

We're grateful for the relationships we've built to see us through these tough times. We're thankful that we can look out for each other, lean on one another, and take this Thanksgiving holiday to rest and reflect. 

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Introducing Ariel Capture: Video Content Creation Software

Posted by Oliver Atkinson
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As technology has improved, the little cameras embedded in the back of our phones have become a key selling point for Big Tech. They now have large sensors, stabilisation and are perfect for grabbing a snap of your gran doing the splits on her birthday. For all the wizardry, Big Tech still hasn’t solved one big problem... the user. That’s where video content creation software like Ariel Capture, can help.


A weird location with no light, a camera directly up the nose, or the old classic, a thumb over the lens. Yep, UGC or ‘user generated content’ can be a great idea for your next global video content marketing campaign but a real pain to execute. The content can be questionable, to say the least, and sometimes the final edit can end up being a mix of stock footage with the one or two UGC clips that made the cut. With everyone trying their best, but failing, it’s an awful lot of wasted time and effort.

The solution to these UGBs or ‘user generated bloopers’ is Ariel Capture video content creation software, a new mobile app from Casual Films that makes producing user generated content a breeze. To kick off a project your staff just need to download the app via the App store, drop in a project code, and they’re ready to go. Everything is on-screen: bespoke shot lists, questions and on-screen filming tips. Once the footage has been shot and uploaded to our secure servers, our award-winning video post-production team will bring your content to life.

Related: Would you rather we handle everything? No problem! We’ve found a way to film your team in a COVID-safe way. Find out how we do it, in this blog post.


With your workforce at home and a desire to record this exceptional time, Ariel Capture offers a cost-effective solution not only for remote filming, but also for managing your UGC projects in one place. Gone are the days of tracking down the clip named DC000375 from forty emails memorably named ‘my clip’. All your footage will sit in one project on the cloud rather than your desktop, where it’s draining the computer memory and sending your fan into hyperdrive.


Sound useful? Get in touch with one of our experienced Executive Producers for a test drive, or see how your USG complements our comprehensive range of video production services here.


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Webinar: Corporate comms evolves with interactive video for ABinBev

Posted by Lexi Mounsey
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We all need a drink sometimes - this year more than ever – but the harmful effects of alcohol are a problem, and something needed to be done about it.

Casual Films and our interactive video partner WireWax worked with ABInBev and their safe drinking force the ABInBev Foundation, to create an epic Interactive video to Reinvent How We Drink.

ABinBev Interactive

Moderation remains a fundamental factor in consuming alcohol, and ABInBev have spent more than three decades promoting responsible drinking, setting Global Smart Drinking Goals to be achieved by 2025. These Goals are informed by the unique and diverse causes of harmful drinking in the 50+ countries they operate. Casual Films traveled to Zacatecas, Mexico; Leuven, Belgium; as well as right here in New York City to uncover the stories of how ABInBev are bringing this change.

AbInBev beer cansAlcohol free beer: all the flavour, none of the danger!

In a powerful 6 minute interactive video, our interactive production partners Wirewax did an incredible job planning and mapping hotspot technology to reveal a deeper layer of content for the viewer. As you watch, there are 13 additional pieces of clickable content to increase engagement, including videos, imagery, articles and social campaigns. The narrative is neatly wrapped up in the hero film, hosted by ABInBev talent and Directed by David Potvin. Shot on location in a Brooklyn studio over one long shoot day, we were able to create a diverse set of locations as a way to reveal relevant stories and navigate the viewer through all facets of the Smart Drinking programme.

Launching on “Global Beer Responsible Day” - Friday, September 18th as a way to reaffirm ABInBev’s commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol, this is a campaign we are truly proud of.

Casual Films WireWax ABinBev WebinarIf you are interested in using Interactive Video, or would like to learn more about the process and some of the key pitfalls to avoid, Casual's Nick Francis is going to be discussing the project with Emily Wallen, Global Manager, Brand and Digital Communications at AbInBev and WIREWAX Co-Founder Dan Garraway on Wednesday 18th November at 12pm EST. You can sign up here.

It should be a fascinating discussion and well worth a listen if you want to know more about making really impactful interactive video content.

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Using video to fight knife crime and wasted lives

Posted by Tarryn Paul
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Produce One: Plant One - Supporting the Trillion Trees Project

Posted by Nick Francis
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After all the madness of this year, you could be forgiven for thinking that we've lost it. We’re pleased to report though, that we haven’t finally cracked – we will, of course, also make you the project. While we do that, we'll also plant a tree on your behalf. So, not only do you get to delight your audience, you get to leave a mark that will live long into the future.

Trillion Trees charities

Trillion Trees is an inspired venture between Birdlife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and the WWF. Once upon a time, the world was home to six trillion trees, over the years, human impact has reduced that number to just 3 trillion. Trillion Trees aims to replant and protect a trillion trees by the year 2050. It’s a hugely ambitious goal but one which will go some way to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and creating a rich and vibrant natural world for the future. We are all so proud to be able to contribute toward such a worthwhile goal.

You can find out more here.

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