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Whatever your need; internal videos, external films, promotional or explainer videos, our experienced team will help you achieve your objectives with world beating films. We have a wide range of production options that involve zero direct contact.

How can we help?

Attract and recruit the best candidates

Explain or promote a product or service

Train and motivate your staff

Increase brand awareness

Attraction, recruitment and onboarding video

Video is a powerful recruitment tool. It allows you to show intangible concepts in an easy to digest way. How does working at your business feel? Recruitment video can capture that. What is your culture like? An attraction video can show prospective employees that. What do new joiners need to know about their first days at the firm? An onboarding video can show them that. 

An effective corporate video production can be invaluable to businesses looking to differentiate themselves and recruit the very best staff. Or indeed for reminding existing staff of the reasons they originally chose to take your job. One series of films we produced, for a global energy firm, formed part of a pack which reduced the drop-out rate by 93%!

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Explainer videos

As anyone who has watched a ‘how to’ on YouTube will know, video is great for increasing comprehension and understanding. Whether it’s consumers choosing between products, or employees onboarding on a new platform - having a video that clearly explains what it is, and how it works, can be game changing. 

Animation is particularly efficient at this, allowing for simplified visuals that quickly get to the heart of your offering. 

Equally effective are interview-based testimonial videos with experts, clients or customers. Their insights will increase the audience’s trust in the product or service.

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Brand videos

All the video content that you share has the effect of building (or potentially damaging) your brand. An increasing amount of content is produced specifically for this purpose. Your online audience are empowered to choose exactly how they spend their time online.

This means your content must deliver value in its own right. To ‘cut-through’ you need to find and share the best quality stories you can find.

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Training videos

Video finds a range of uses in corporate learning and development. As a training tool, it can be used to illustrate ideas and set up discussions, or it can be used to host and run the whole process as part of an interactive platform. As a motivation and engagement tool, video can be used to celebrate company news or encourage ways of working. 

It allows you, as practitioners, to standardise the way information is shared and accessed throughout your organisation. Both animation and live action video are regularly used for this type of communication. Animation favors intangible, complicated, or abstract concepts. Live action helps with concepts more human in nature, like sharing your company’s values.

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Campaign Overview

Applications increase by around 36% when accompanied by a recruitment video.

Modern Slavery

Action Sustainability

The Investment Factor

Allianz Global Investors

Employees are 75% more likely to consume training materials when delivered through video.

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Wall Street Journal

Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.



What We Do


Explainer videos can boost your conversion rates by around 10%.


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"I have worked with a large number of production companies in a range of marketing jobs over the last twenty years. I genuinely didn't believe that a company could be as good as Casual Films."

- David Morrow, Vice President Global Marketing, Adara