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In The Navy (Yard) – Casual New York is Moving!

The Village People, so often thought of as merely a novelty disco act, were actually a very knowledgeable and prescient bunch. Who’d have thought? First they reminded us that when we’re short on our dough there’s a place we can go to have a good meal and hang out with the boys, and they were right – the YMCA even has a decent gym as well. Then they went on and on about all the excitement and treasure you’re likely to come across in the Navy. Initially we thought it was a recruitment tool for the water bound division of the armed forces, but it turns out they were talking about the Brooklyn Navy Yard! Again, they were spot on, and so that’s where our new office is going to be.

New York office

You see the Navy Yard, one of the biggest manufacturing areas in the whole of the US, is in the midst of a $1 Billion renovation that promises to add over 3 million square feet and more than 20,000 jobs to its offering. Treasure indeed. It’s the hottest property on the Eastern Seaboard, and having outgrown the offices we’ve held since first coming to New York five years ago we were in the market for a new spot, it was the first (and last) place we looked.

And then when we heard about Building 77.

This building was used as a warehouse during World War II and also provided the offices for Naval high command, like the rest of the Naval Yard it’s place in America’s history is assured – and thanks to an initiative backed by the city it’s going to play a vital part in the nation’s future. Building 77 has been transformed from an anonymous utilitarian concrete block into the slick, modern centerpiece of the whole place. The conversion was a simple enough task – all they had to do was take out 1500 tons of concrete and replace it with 50,000 square feet of plate glass – there used to be no windows at all on the first 11 floors, which is fine for editors, mole people that they are, but not so great for the rest of us who enjoy sunlight.

Then they had to line the place with fibre optic broadband, divide it up into spaces between 2,000 and 50,000 square feet and spend $185 million to finish everything to the highest standards. Just do those simple things and before you know it you’ve got a million square feet of prime manufacturing and retail space.

And we’ve got our own corner of it.

Yes, we’re delighted to be relocating to this iconic new location where we’ll be treated to all the mod cons, have access to a huge retail and food area on the ground floor and that rarest of all things in New York – space. 5,500 square feet of it in fact. Enough space for all our existing people and things and to be able to expand even. Oh the luxury. We’re amongst the first tenants to move in as the building was only opened in early November in a grand ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. If our building work finishes on time (which believe it or not is looking very possible) then we should be in in mid-January. Waterside in Brooklyn in mid-January? It’s going to cost us a fortune in in arctic clothing.

So yes, we’re packing up all our stuff and from early 2018 our New York office will be in the Navy (Yard) feel free to drop in and see us, though be prepared to be green with envy – it really is an awesome building. We hope The Village People are right, because if they’re to be believed, being in the Navy (Yard) can make all your dreams come true.


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