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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Dian Perry

You’re going to want to hear this…

We all know bookkeepers don’t we? Number nerds who wear those half glasses, those weird see through green visors and they can operate calculators with printers on them without looking at them. That’s all we know and all we need to know, right?

Of course you’re wrong, and shame on you for throwing around those cheap stereotypes. Bookkeepers are a fascinating and complex people, probably, who no doubt sport a variety of eyewear and head gear, and some of them, like Casual Films bookkeeper Dian Perry, have hidden talents that will blow your minds!

You see you might not have met Dian, but you’ve more than likely heard her, because when she’s not doing a superb job ensuring all our numbers match up she’s one of the very best voice actors in the world. For nearly twenty years she’s been lending her voice to all sorts of TV and commercial projects – and even the odd statue – and it’s a dream come true for her.

It all started in the foothills of the Rocky mountains in Colorado where Dian grew up. There, presumably to avoid marauding Mork and Mindy fans (look it up) she loved watching cartoons and became obsessed with the king of cartoon voices Mel Blanc. Her ambition hasn’t changed from that day – she wants to be the Queen of cartoon voices, the Melanie Blanc if you will. The journey was a long one, although she perfected the essentials early – donkey braying, bike horn honking, you know, the classics – she then did everything she could to avoid the career she dreamed of. After all your dreams can’t be dashed if you never pursue them.

A move to London in 1995 was followed by a change of heart in 1997 – she made a showreel, sent it out and since then she’s been in fairly constant demand. Her voice has been heard on countless TV ads, corporate films (including for us of course) and radio stations, but it’s her character work that she really loves. Her two episodes as Jack Harkness’ computer in Doctor Who still sees her getting accosted by Whovians (the collective noun for Doctor Who obsessives, don’t look them directly in the eye) and she’s even got her own action figure from her time voicing Principal Jones in the US cartoon series Dork Hunters from Outer Space.

The old saying that you don’t get older you just get better applies here too – her career has never been in better shape and she’s just been nominated for two awards at the SOVA’s – the Oscars of the voice over world. Her role in this quite brilliant Motorola campaign that saw customers tweets about breaking their phones responded to with voiced animations within an hour (yes, really!) is up for gongs in both Outstanding National Commercial Campaign and Outstanding Consumer Sales Video so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed when she walks the red carpet at New York’s Lincoln Centre in November.

Dian Perry

So, with all this you’d be forgiven for wondering why on earth she spends a fair portion of her time crunching numbers at our London office, she certainly doesn’t need the money, and she knows that, she’s a bookkeeper. Well the truth is that we’ve provided such a wonderful working environment around incredible, talented people that she adores it and simply can’t bring herself to stop coming in. Seriously. She said that, and she said it in a way that was heartfelt, meaningful and really compelling. My word she’s good.

She also said that if she didn’t have Casual she might have some days where she doesn’t get dressed (as her recording studio’s at home she often records in her pajamas and sometimes completely in the buff!) and whilst we have a very liberal dress code, clothes are not optional. So that’s part of it, but we prefer to focus on how lovely and talented we all are, and in that regard Dian is a perfect fit. We’re very lucky to have her and her amazing voice.



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