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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Dan Hankinson

Decks and Drums and Editing Rolls

You know that scene in movies where all the employees are called in to a room, told to gather up their things and leave the building because the company’s gone bust? Well in real life it’s not quite as entertaining.

That was the experience of new Casual Senior Editor Dan Hankinson after more than 4 years at a leading London production company that went under without warning. Fortunately he was given enough time to gather the many years of junk his desk and computer had gathered, but it was a shock to the system. Thankfully the way he recovered from that shock was to look for a job, and with several offers on the table he chose Casual Films because he was – and I quote here for emphasis “a fan of their work.” It’s always nice to meet a fan.

So other than a great story, what does Dan bring to the party?

Dan Drumming

Well, there are the funky dance moves (genuinely) and convincing accents (honestly), but first and foremost it’s music, because not only is he a budding DJ available for weddings, parties and bat mitzvah’s (not really, club nights and stuff) but he’s also an accomplished drummer. When he was knocking out beats for his former band – grunge rock outfit Bloody Mammals – they released an EP “Eventually Your House Will Burn Down” and it was pressed on vinyl, so not only can he spin the wheels of steel like a demon, but he can perfectly match the beats as he cues his own track and there’s not a lot of people that can say that.

His talent obviously doesn’t stop at whacking a bit of animal hide with a stick though, he’s also very adept at bashing the buttons and is an accomplished editor. Of course as he’s only been at Casual for a month we’re yet to see the very best of him, but during his time at his previous gig he not only cut national ad campaigns but also had some serious creative input, and that’s something we can certainly get on board with. If this “Star Wars comes to London”, that was featured on the ITV evening news, directed, filmed and edited by Dan is anything to go by then we’re certainly on to a winner.

Even better for us is that his ambitions tally perfectly with ours. That’s not to say he’s obsessed with Casual dominating the world as we are, but Dan has no particular craving to break out into TV or Film editing. His love for the variety of work you can get your teeth into in short form, and the flair it allows for in the edit has expressed itself not just in work, but in side projects cutting short films and music videos and it’s not something he’s looking to give up any time soon.

Dan Loves Beer

So, as we welcome Dan to Casual Films we invite everyone to join us in taking a more cautious and reassuring approach to whole team staff meetings – we don’t want to set off any flashbacks. Cheers!


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