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4 Benefits of Using Video as a Medium for Corporate Recruitment

Recruitment is never as easy as just waiting for your next rockstar to walk through the door. Great recruitment video can effectively tell your company’s story, engage and attract top talent.

In a recruitment landscape crowded with prospective employers vying for the attentions of applicants, a catchy, innovative message may be necessary to hold the interest of the most desirable candidates. A short, quippy, creative video is the perfect vessel with which to deliver this message: not only can prospective hires get a sense of what your culture is all about, but it provides a visual aid to help them envision working for your company in real-time.

Still not convinced? Let us demonstrate four (of the many) benefits of video recruitment:

1. Demonstrate Your Culture

While some videos demonstrate culture with testimonials and real footage of employees at work, SGOSS takes a subtler, more holistic approach. By overlaying playful graphics of academic scenes against the backdrop of the volunteers’ professional lives, SGOSS’s “School Governors” campaign reinforces the organisation’s culture of service. Placing this imagery within a professional context emphasizes the volunteers’ expertise and threads the intrinsic importance of education into, theoretically, any position.

2. Illustrate Your Narrative

For Barclay’s “Open Mind” hackathon campaign, prospective participants are given an immersive video experience. Not only is the interconnected, constantly evolving graphic at center screen engaging — it also shapes the brand’s narrative. The information contained in the video could easily have been disseminated in paragraph form, but this visual medium more clearly communicates a sense of Barclay’s dynamic, innovative brand story. As an added bonus, the style of the video is relatively simple and clean, and therefore both cost-effective and quick to produce.

3. Highlight Employee Opportunities

In its “Career Path” campaign, Marriott highlights a diverse range of people, locations, and professional focuses. By presenting each scene on a blank surface, Marriott lets the viewer imagine his own story, inspired by the exemplary employee growth demonstrated within this short video. The sense of ownership is reinforced by shooting the hands from above, as if to say “at Marriott, you shape your own professional trajectory.”

In perhaps the most convincing demonstration of the advantage of video as a recruitment medium, a clear plastic sheet featuring a large Marriott logo at center is actively laid over the photo of a woman, presumably exploring new terrain. In a 2D format it would just be another stock photo — but in video, her personal success story becomes a Marriott-powered one.

4. Show Your Fun Side

All of the previously discussed videos offer playfulness, but none more than Jaguar Land Rover’s “Paint 01.” Quick, eye-catching cuts show remote-controlled cars sliding around a sheet of paper to a jubilant soundtrack — while a pair of hands deftly works around them, creating what in the end is revealed to be a vibrant, colorful map of the world.

Jaguar Land Rover demonstrates the exciting combination of a vehicle that, to some degree, works for itself, but that succeeds thanks to the attentive, diligent work of an expert team. Without the visual and aural dynamics allowed by video, this fun, effective recruitment pitch would be, so to speak, a bit heavy-handed.


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