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We Are Macmillan
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Living Posts
Not for Profit
Social Media Content


Macmillan Cancer Care is a cancer patient support and information charity, providing cancer sufferers and their loved ones with telephone, online and in-person advice and information.

The Charity uses case studies to share stories about their work which is effective on their website and YouTube, but social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, autoplay video without audio resulting in a lack of engagement between the audience and the Charities messaging. 

To address this, Macmillan wanted to create a video content series specifically to

  • Engage audiences on social media channels
  • Drive the audience to click through and get them to click and watch the whole film, even though it would begin without audio.


Sound is a hugely important part of good filmmaking, so to be restricted by having no sound on a film is one of the greatest challenges we have been set.

Macmillan wanted a series of short films that would tell their case studies in an innovative new way. They had to work on Facebook autoplay. Their purpose was to reach a younger audience than Macmillan’s typical demographic by communicating with new audiences on Facebook and other social media channels.

After much consideration, the concept settled upon was one of the simplest of all. We would film cancer patients in a living postcard – an apparently still image, but filmed at a high frame rate to create a strange viewing sensation that was intended to grab viewers’ attention and make them do a double take and click the video to see more.

Each contributor would be holding a placard with a quote on it from their interview or a thought relevant to their unique situation. Tapping into the iconic photography of Gillian Wearing, these placards would not only reveal a very personal insight, they would form a central focus within frame that would be juxtaposed with the slow movement across the rest of the video.

The films would also have subtitles to convey the narrative whilst the audio was muted on autoplay.


The ambition for their project was to reach a younger audience on Facebook. This was measured by both total views, likes and shares – as well as deeper data on the demographics of this audience.

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