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Red Bull

Branded content film for Red Bull bringing to life a live, durational, performance art piece by disabled artist Noemi Lakmaier.

Client name
Red Bull
Campaign name
Branded Content


Bring to life a live, durational, performance art piece by disabled artist Noemi Lakmaier; who will be attached to 20,000 helium filled party balloons to lift her off the ground whilst tied and immobilised; as part of the Southbank’s Unlimited festival celebrating the work of disabled & deaf artists.

Document and tell this story so that the art can live on beyond the performance itself.

Noemi is a performance artist renowned for her extreme and controversial live art pieces, this was her most ambitious and potentially life-threatening piece to date.





A VO-led documentary reflecting Noemi’s inner thoughts as she undertook this dangerous and bizarre performance.

Using the interview audio, we drilled deep into Noemi’s pusrpose and thinking behind the piece to explore issues of vulnerability and fear. This was accompanied by stunning imagery of the performance and people’s reactions to it.

In a window of 48 hours, we had to interview and film Noemi as she and her team prepared for and undertook this extraordinary challenge. She was also being filmed for a live stream, so we had to be sensitive to these camera positions and the live crowds attending the venue.


The film was produced for and published on

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