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Diary of a street photographer

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Branded Content
Product Launch, Social Media Content
“10,000 organic views is great, especially because we don’t promote below the line content”, Wensy Duong, Canon Product Marketer


Canon’s sales, as with those of all camera brands, are on the decline, mostly due to the quality and availability of inbuilt cameras in smartphones.

Canon wanted to produce a comparison to highlight the benefits of owning a dedicated digital camera with the aim of driving sales.


Not wanting to provide the typical side-by-side comparison between the new Canon DSC and a smartphone, we took to Instagram to find some hot new talent on the photography scene who the audience already followed.

Our research threw up an exciting list of talent across the world who the target audience were already tapping into for inspiration and techniques.

Vincent Chapters, is a London based photographer with a large following online. We created the narrative for a series of intimate social media length films about his working life. Each film subtly highlights one of the advantages of DSC: shooting in low light, with depth of field, moving targets, and using the zoom and smart auto functions.

uses cameras to obtain images that smartphones can’t compete with.


through thein a film showing how an influencer (in this case an Instagram photographer) uses cameras to obtain images that smartphones can’t compete with.


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