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Teach First
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Lead On
Recruitment Marketing


Teach First are a UK charity established to tackle educational inequality by recruiting and developing future leaders into the Education sector.

Every year, Teach First target graduates and workers in the first few years of their careers. This film and corresponding digital banners were to focus on the latter, with a particular focus on attracting male candidates with specific personality traits: driven, needing to be challenged and a desire to become a future leader with a passion for ending educational inequality.

Teach First wanted a film that would work across social to attract this demographic and convince them to apply for a place on the Leadership Development programme.

The previous year’s film had been successful in raising the Teach First profile, but had failed to attract male candidates. It was also considered too generic, failing to reach those with the right character traits as opposed to those wishing to become teachers anyway.


Where the previous film tried to tell a broad narrative, we knew that the success of this campaign would rest on simple, powerful interlinked imagery across video and static. Our approach was to create a visual journey that would draw in inquisitive candidates to find out more and apply.

Building on this idea of simplicity, we created the concept of ‘Where Next?”, as in where is your next step in your career and where is your career taking you next. The film we created was a single shot, panning out from a close-up of a male teacher’s face with a strong, impactful VO. The film would give the impression of a business leader extolling their own skills and achievements, but would eventually reveal them to be a teacher, linking the skills of business to those found in the classroom.

The single slow zoom out was intended to engage and hold viewers attention, have specific appeal to male viewers and also reflect the personality of future leaders and those candidates looking for a challenging, yet rewarding career.

The film also had a heavy grade to further accentuate these attributes.


  • YouTube (paid
  • Facebook (Paid


The content is performing very well online, engaging users viewing the content on average to 90%  on YouTube and driving good traffic driver on Facebook.

It is also now the most viewed video on the Teach First YouTube channel.






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