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Client name
Action Sustainability
Campaign name
Behaviour change series
Content Series
“The films were very effective in engaging our target audience.” Liz Holford, Project Lead, Action Sustainability


“Promoting Fairness, Inclusion and Respect in the Construction Industry”

Action Sustainability is a consultancy working on behalf of the construction industry to instigate sustainable change across construction sites and offices.

The consultancy wanted to increase engagement with the ‘typical’ construction worker to

  • Raise awareness of issues relating to fairness, inclusion and respect on construction sites
  • Help minorities, LGBT and disabled workers to feel comfortable and safe within the industry

The series would be used as part of an on-site training program to open discussion on the topics and allow trainers to continue their sessions productively.


The concept was developed using industry research which identified three key traits amongst the target audience

  • The protagonist (bad)
  • The hero (good)
  • The bystander (indifferent/uncertain)

which formed the basis of the characters seen across the entire series.

These characters exhibit the traits workers within the industry reportedly encounter on site.

  • The ‘hero’ – best practice behaviour
  • The ‘bystander’  – moral dilemma of what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation

Using this approach, each film in the series is dedicated to one of the desired behaviours and builds up to an overarching message, reinforcing best practice throughout.

Humour and colloquial language is used to engage the audience and create authentic scenarios that resonate with the target audience.


30 training workshops

Using the behaviour change series

1500 people (and counting)

Engaged with the series


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