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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie, our office organiser, keeps the wheels turning through efficiency, reliability and cake.

They say — or at least, Aretha Franklin says — that behind every great man there’s a great woman. We’d like to propose a new phrase: behind every great creative production team is an incredibly efficient and organized bunch of production management. OK, so it’s not as catchy, but it leads very nicely into this bio of UK Office Manager Jenna Mackenzie, so we’re sticking with it.

What do we need to know about Jenna? Well, she’s a good organiser, steady and reliable. Yes, it’s the tepid endorsement we all dream of, but to be fair they’re the words of Jenna herself. She simply won’t engage in any self-promotion — no matter how hard we press her — so we’ll have to do it for her.

We’ll start here: in addition to her top-notch organisational skills and obvious modesty, she could be the poster girl for determination — it’s what brought her to us in the first place and what has made her a vital cog in the Casual machine.

While working as an office manager for a telecommunications company in her native Sydney, she decided that she was simply too pale for sunny Australia and would be much more at home in drab and rainy England. Within weeks, she was here. After a year spent exploring, making friends and getting a handle on having to wear jumpers and jackets at the height of summer, she decided the fun was over and it was time to get a job. That was on a Monday. When she saw a job posting she liked, she applied for it and was offered it on Thursday. She doesn’t make a fuss; she just gets the job done. And she makes cake. She makes lots and lots of cake.

What’s the cake all about? Well it seems that our Jenna is at her happiest when everyone else is stuffed full of sweet creamy goodness. We all know that food isn’t love, but love doesn’t taste as amazing as her chocolate cake, does it? If you had to choose between the two, it would be a real dilemma.

Jenna Mackenzie

But could there be an ulterior motive to all these sweet treats? “Well, I am campaigning to get an office dog,” Jenna explains, “but I’m not having much luck so far.”

However, that was more than two days ago, and we know how quickly Jenna can get things done when she sets her mind to it.


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