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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Cara Gordon

Meet the woman who likes Casual to go formal…

Once a week, right around the world businesses take the opportunity to show just how chilled they are with a sartorial event that is the polar opposite of Paris fashion week – dress down Friday. Hawaiian shirts, sports tops and ripped jeans replace suits of all sorts, it’s the shortest distance that you can possibly travel towards liberation, but it lightens the load for some.

At Casual Films you can wear whatever you want every single day, an anarchy that Cara Gordon, Editor and Filmmaker in training at our New York office is trying to bring down with her own thing – formal Fridays. Every Friday you’ll find her looking all snazzy, replete in blazer and tie. It could be her attempt to remind us creative types how the rest of the world operates, to ground us a little.

It’s not, she loves the look, in fact women in suits is a bit of a theme for her – but more on that later.

First let’s learn a little about the only Missourian in our team (we’re trying to collect one from every State).

Cara’s been editing professionally since she left the University of Southern Illinois in Carbondale a place that was recently thrust into a very dimmed spotlight as it was where the solar eclipse peaked. After a couple of years cutting property videos for a New York realtor she started working for us on a freelance basis – and we knew quickly we had to snap her up, forcing her to relinquish her freedom and signing a permanent contract not long after.

Her editing is, obviously, great. It’s why we hired her. The thing about editors is that they know more about how to make a film than anyone else – seriously ask one and they’ll be able to tell you precisely where the rest of the crew has let them down! Not that Cara has said that outright of course, she’s much more subtle than that and has instead decided to learn how to make films herself – from the planning stage through to shooting and directing.

Once she’s trained up as a one-woman filmmaking machine the plan is to travel the world making human-interest documentaries. To get a taste of how she’d make them have a look at this film she cut for Adobe about the Women’s March earlier this year. She didn’t shoot it – other team members are to blame for that – but she had almost total creative control in the edit.

Not bad huh?

But not everything she has planned is quite so worthy – which brings us neatly back to women in suits. Remember the outcry when Hollywood had the temerity to use women as Ghostbusters? Well Cara wants to top that. In a homage to the film editor who inspired her, the late Sally Menke her dream is to make an all female reboot of Tarantino’s debut Reservoir Dogs. The only problem is she’ll only be able to shoot it on Fridays…


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