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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Kay Singh

Meet Kay Singh, the unofficial Head of Vibes at Casual Films who would most definitely fight 100 duck-sized horses before ever taking on one horse-sized duck.

Kay Singh, whose most recent conversation with his mother may or may not have been about how much chicken he needs to bring home for a family barbeque, is the unofficial “Head of Vibes” at Casual Films. Recognizing that the team here spends more than 40 hours a week together, Kay has taken on the task of greasing the wheels of camaraderie, so to speak, planning summer picnics in Prospect Park and taking it upon himself to distribute smoothies, kombucha or tie-dyed clothing when the mood strikes.

Outside of Casual Films, Kay spends a lot of time walking around for purely ascetic reasons.

“There is a certain patience and letting go you cultivate when you walk for hours not knowing what the future holds,” Kay explains.

Many years back, Kay cultivated this love of walking in Laos, meandering the countryside with two Ecuadorian hitchhikers named Juan, sometimes in the pouring rain.

In line with this zen appreciation for the wonders of nature, he’s also done some thinking about the great beyond. Were he to take a trip to outer space, Kay would choose Nelson Mandela before any well-trained, experienced astronaut as his one and only celestial travel companion.

“He is the obvious ideal candidate for this trip,” Kay reasons. “He already has experience living in enclosed solitary settings for extended periods of time. I’m sure he can impart some tips on passing the time while we’re up there.”

If he had to pick a companion of the earthbound, four-legged variety, Kay would unequivocally opt for a gentle (?) giant: he is actively invested in bringing about the resurrection of the Woolly mammoth, a bygone beast that he considers approachable AF.

“It’s so majestic and grand, and at the same time so soft and cuddly with its shaggy fur,” Kay proclaims with a confidence of dubious origins. “It’s like the elephant’s older hippie brother.”


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