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The Casual Staff Spotlight: Kat Smith

Kat Smith, a trailblazing wordsmith at Casual Films, aims to step off the beaten path — even when that means taming the wilderness she encounters along the way.

Kat Smith, one of three full-time creatives on our dedicated in-house team, is a self-described ideas tamer, and a committed one at that. She aims to forge ahead into the unknown, discover wild ideas, tame them, train them, and help them flourish. More specifically, her day-to-day work centers around idea generation, writing pitches, proposals and treatments.

Taking the road less travelled is Kat’s M.O. She joined our London crew in 2015 after working in advertising, both in New York and London. But as the track she tread became monotonous, she grew hungry for a new challenge. Craving more knowledge about the production side of filmmaking and eager to work with interesting clients, Kat joined us as a creative to turn unexpected ideas into captivating compositions.

“Spontaneity is key to creating an amazing finished product,” says Kat. “I like creating fun experiences for our clients to enjoy and giving them a chance to do something that’s outside of their day-to-day comfort zone.”

When she isn’t creating materials for Casual-sponsored events like the recent “Art and Science of Effective Online Video” event in Zurich, Kat is out taking photos or at home, emptying her vegetable crisper of all the veggies that have ripened past their prime while she’s been out and about. Breaking the routine is more than her job — it’s what gets her going each day.

Speaking of projects that break the mould, Kat’s been busy on an interesting one: “we recently shot a project in an abandoned music hall near our offices,” she says. “We set up a few projectors in this industrial space and projected some lovely digital animations, which covered the whole floor of the auditorium. The effect looked really vibrant and made for a much more engrossing viewing experience than would be possible in a typical office environment.”

For out-of-the-box creativity and a linguist so ahead of the pop culture curve that her first word was “Hodor,” Kat is exactly who you’re looking for.


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