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Ladies and Gentlemen: We Present the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Casual

Why Casual Films? It’s a good question and one we get asked a lot. So we thought we’d spend a little bit of time explaining what makes us just that little bit special. Even if we say so ourselves…

Have you ever been really obsessed with something? Like, “playing ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber on repeat for all your waking hours” obsessed? Us neither…

Ok fine, you caught us. For the record though, we’re not alone: “Sorry” was the most popular song in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn ZIP code in 2015, according to Spotify. That’s right: hipsters love that badboy pop idol more than they love artisanal pickles and moustache wax.

And we like to think that for the most part, our obsessive tendencies work in our favour. Since 2007, we’ve been doing our best to bring effective, efficient and creative film to audiences worldwide.

So, how’s it going? Well, we’ve assembled a highly creative, deeply experienced team — who now have over 10 years of working with global ‘blue-chip’ companies under our belts. So they know a thing or two about tailoring our work to each client’s specific needs. We get to know our client’s voice and message and can effectively communicate both to their intended audience.

Still skeptical? Let’s dive into the top five reasons you should choose Casual for your brand’s video production needs.

1. Quality Creative

Rather than being reliant on ‘big name’ directors, we put a lot of store in the quality of our wider team’s creative thought. To that end, we pride ourselves on being one of very few production companies to have an in-house creative department. We have them because better ideas lead to better films, and better films lead to better results.

2. Our In-House Team

There are a lot of great filmmakers out there — but there aren’t many who boast ten years of experience making online-specific films for global brands. Our team’s experience spans the production of 7,000+ films, which means that we’ve had experience handling nearly every possible challenge that could come our way. And because the vast majority of our work is done by our in-house team, they’re ready to react quickly, putting out fires before anyone gets burned.

3. Collaborative Work

When you choose to work with Casual, you’re not blindly handing over your work to a third party — you’re choosing a partner in creativity. From our earliest days, Casual was set up to approach our work like an agency, rather than a content farm. We’re not here to simply produce amazing films; we want to help each client tell their unique stories.

Enter our most experienced producers, who take every possible pain to understand your strategy and your brand. This relationship lasts the length of each project, from pre-production to finished film. This focus on seamless communication and collaboration from start to finish leads to better, more authentic films.

4. Our Partnership Network

We focus on the thing we’re best at: making great films. And we like to think we know that business inside and out. We also readily acknowledge that your business needs aren’t isolated to terrific video content.

In order to offer our clients exceptional, comprehensive service, we’ve established a trusted network of complementary companies that can fulfill your every need. Whether it’s written content, web design, distribution or adtech support that you need, we’ve got you covered.

5. The Casual Academy

Our registered non-profit provides production training to young people in London and New York and makes films for charities. It aims to broaden participation in the production industry to those from diverse backgrounds. It’s incredibly rewarding — artistically and otherwise — to help train and equip the next generation of amazing filmmakers.

Ok, so this one won’t necessarily make your film better — but it might just make you feel a bit better about making your film.


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