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Casual Films' Web Partnership Expands into the North American Market

We’ve got a new shop window!

Just how important is an attractive and smooth functioning website to a film-orientated business like Casual Films? Well, would you go to a hairdresser who looks like they’ve just stuck a fork in the mains? Strike that, that’s a terrible example, you only need to watch a makeover show to realise that hairdressers can have a somewhat maverick approach to their own luscious locks.

A tailor, that’s a better analogy, let’s go with that. You’re not going to spend good money on a suit from a badly dressed tailor, are you? And so it is with the website of a media company — almost invariably a client’s first point of contact — if they’re not impressed with what they see, and if it’s not beautifully designed, simple and user-friendly, then why would they entrust us with making a beautiful and user-friendly film for them?

Which is all a long-winded way of saying we’ve given our website a revamp!

Looking Our Digital Best

Now in this day and age, websites are so ubiquitous that we take them for granted and forget how much work goes into making them function just how we want them to. To remedy that, we thought we might give you a brief run down of the process we went through with regular Casual Films partners Browser — a London-based digital agency. We’ve used them plenty in the past, and if they’re good enough for our clients that means they’re the very best, so they were the natural choice — and they could hardly say no could they?!

The initial discovery phase was impressively in-depth — despite the fact that Browser already know a lot about the work we do, they went through every aspect of our business with us to an almost forensic degree. Discussions were had with all Casual’s major stakeholders about our overall business aims and the role the website should play in them. Clients were also approached for their insights — after all, it’s vital to know what the end user is looking for too. It was an object lesson in preparation.

Armed with all this knowledge, Josh Johnson and Jay Freestone, the frontend developers and key men on this, sketched out a great plan for us, and moved on to the Beta phase. Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that with everything agreed they’d go off to their hip and trendy loft-style office, work their magic and in a few weeks we’d be the proud owners of a shiny new website. You would, however, be wrong. This was just the start of 8 weeks of development and testing. Every week Browser would create more bits of brilliant design, stick them on top of some exceptional coding and ask us to mark their work for them. Every bit of feedback was duly noted and acted upon, and each week with each tweak we moved closer to web nirvana!

What they delivered — on time and on budget, naturally — was the perfectly optimised, user-friendly website we’d dreamed of. Alright, not dreamed of, we’re not weird, but certainly it was what we asked for. There was only one problem: this website was focused on our European work. Our North American endeavours were not going to be suitably highlighted for American clients, and everyone would be bewildered by the extra u’s in words like colour, flavour and humour. Something had to be done.

It turns out that, if you’re web design experts, it’s really not that complicated to build two websites out of one. Now cleverly knows where you’re accessing it from (don’t worry, we don’t store or share that information with anyone) and directs you to the version of our site most suited to you. That means our American clients get to see American content, with American reference points and none of those frankly unnecessary extra u’s (with sincerest apologies to my former English teacher).

All that means is that, thanks to Browser, whether you’re in Europe or North America, our new website will provide you with the brilliant user experience you should expect from a great media company. So, when can we start measuring your inside leg?


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