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5 Ways to Deploy Video for Your Product Marketing Campaign

Deploying video to market a product allows for authentic storytelling and freedom to innovate.

So you’ve chosen video as your brand’s preferred campaign medium — smart move! Great product marketing should strive to say something meaningful about your company, your product, and your customers. The brilliance of a video campaign is that it allows you to do all three in all sorts of ways.

We’ve compiled six of our favourite spots that showcase video storytelling to introduce customers to products and companies.

1. FON: High-Tech Service, As Explained by Puppets

FON’s playful ad, “Public Wifi,” accomplishes the main goal of marketing: to explain the product and the company in a succinct way. In this case, the takeaway is explicit — “really, everyone wins.” This spot’s mixed media construction helps simplify a complex idea with a fun narrative, rather than resorting to a dry laundry list of “hows” and “whys.”

In a clever nod to FON’s theme of inclusivity, the video ends by panning away to reveal the puppeteers — driving home the point that FON is a service made possible by the collective efforts of both global customers and hands-on employees.

2. Avery Dennison RBIS: An Unlikely Partnership in Sustainability

Authenticity is essential in today’s business climate — and video is the perfect vehicle for corporate transparency. Avery Dennison RBIS’ “Outerknown” begins with a mission statement: “Sustainability is in [our] DNA.” They then starkly present the stakes, saying that the future of business depends first on the future of the planet.

Finally, the video presents the company’s position to address this reality: “Avery Dennison sits in the middle of a supply chain…we have a unique position to influence what happens from a sustainability standpoint.” The truth of this statement can be seen in the testimonials and behind-the-scenes looks into RBIS’ Outerknown partnership.

3. Samsung: A Vision of the Future Now

Samsung’s assertive “Next Is Now” spot is unrelenting and powerful. Quick cuts juxtapose “hardware” and “software,” while images of chemicals mixing illustrate the seamless integration of these necessary technologies. The ad is anchored to the narrative of the Samsung spokesman — himself a clear example of the confident power of a properly engineered device like the S6.

To the viewer, the result is a concise summary of how the device meets the needs of the modern business user.

4. Toshiba: Engagement Through Animation

“Sellers need me to be engaged,” explains Toshiba’s narrator in the “Together Commerce” spot. Toshiba, of course, is doing just that by utilising an easily accessible animated video to communicate its message.

The vibrant animations in the film depict certain themes — certainty in a confusing market and a world of possibility — in relatable, innovative ways. When a warehouse of sinister robotic arms gives way, in an instant, to futuristic cloud malls, the narrator is physically transported from “business today” to the brighter future Toshiba envisions, taking the viewer along with him.

5. Tesco: Present the Possibilities

In this brave new world of online content, it’s no longer enough to simply display your wares and hope someone buys them. There needs to be something in it for the audience, too.

Tesco realized this, and commissioned a series of ‘tips and tricks’ for budding interior designers (that just so happened to feature their new line of home furnishings). Using a combination of stop motion and trick photography, this spot demonstrates how the same room could be served up “3 ways,” using simple alterations.


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