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A Brand Hero is Born: 'See the Advantage' of Factset's Collaboration With Casual Films

FactSet’s ‘See the Advantage’ campaign showcases Casual’s approach to translating a company’s brand identity into film.

Do you remember your first opening bell? Earlier this month, FactSet, our client and a global leader in integrated financial information, analytical applications and client service, sounded the financial world’s most invigorating tone at NASDAQ’s MarketSite.

Beyond our excitement at our client’s well-deserved exposure and recognition, Casual had a not-insignificant-something to celebrate as well. This particular bell-sounding marked the public launch of our client’s first ever major brand campaign, FactSet: See the Advantage, with yours truly co-developing the video elements alongside the brand development.

As smiles and cameras flashed inside the NASDAQ Tower, our first public video installation for the campaign unveiled FactSet’s message over the hustle and bustle of Times Square below. Casual’s work with FactSet has not only successfully promoted the company’s services, but revealed the possibilities of a creative partnership with Casual as well.

Collaborative Storytelling

At Casual Films, when we set out to develop a brand’s story, we’re not just preparing it for external eyes. A brand’s story is at the heart of its identity and, to truly develop that sense of self, the story must be told (and sold) effectively by the entire company. FactSet was, of course, no exception to this rule.

Megan Anttila, our US Executive Producer extraordinaire, describes the genesis of the creative partnership with FactSet: “In business for almost 40 years and well-known to those in the industry, FactSet’s brand identity was a bit under the radar. Together, we brought its new visual identity to life for employees and the market through film.

For brands offering software-based services, especially in the B2B world, this story can be easily swept aside in favor of product development. After all, without a great product, no one will ‘see the advantage’ anyway. Naturally, this is where Casual Films comes in. Because of our intimate knowledge of the project at hand and close collaboration and development with internal stakeholders, we understand the business from both the brand’s and its clients’ perspectives — which in turn allows us to make effective, hard-hitting films.

A Truly Advantageous Partnership

FactSet’s brand identity, in particular, aligns with our own. As highlighted in the video above, FactSet’s service “let’s you distill [big data] down to the crucial intelligence, and go from insight to profit, faster.” At Casual, we believe in cultivating and distilling the big ideas, finding ways to incorporate a multitude of employee voices into the brand’s collective message.

Further, “when global markets look impenetrable, FactSet helps you spark new ideas and trace them through emerging trends to find the most promising investments. FactSet makes it easy to pull viewpoints together faster to share, combine and act.” What FactSet does for clients, Casual Films does for clients’ branding.

Building a brand’s identity to heroic proportions is, in and of itself, a story of specialisation through development and collaboration. Storytelling is the core of our work and, to properly tell a brand’s story, we pride ourselves on being able to maintain a steady sense of both internal voices and global pulses.

We want your brand to stand out and take the lead, jumping into action before action is strictly called for. The next thing you might hear is a bell ringing and your brand’s voice rising, loud and clear, over Times Square. That’s a visible advantage.


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