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Film Will Revolutionize Your Employer Branding Efforts in These 10 Tangible Ways

Looking for a reason to switch to film? We’ll give you 10.

To embark on an employer branding effort is to put your best face forward — and your company’s face has never looked better than on film. From the emotional, life-giving and fun qualities of the medium to the cost-effectiveness and limitless opportunities for social engagement, film sits atop the employer branding throne for myriad reasons.

1. Film is Emotion Potion

Film is, to borrow Nick’s intoxicating phrase, “emotion potion.” We see that truth bear out every day in ad campaigns that feature heartwarming animal friendships or heart-pumping athletic feats; people connect with film in ways they simply do not with other mediums.

2. Film Brings Roles to Life

Any company can create a generic job posting, compiling a list of superlatives to describe its ideal candidate, and many stop there. A film can put that dynamism into action and, to use a well-trod phrase, “show not tell” a candidate what life in your office is like. The role, and your company, will spring to life.

3. New Technology Increases Engagement

Film is not, of course, a truly new technology, but not so for what film hath wrought. VR, 360, AR, interactive and many other innovations based on film are exploding right now. Video is the door to every important visual technology and, if you commit early, your company will reap the benefits.

4. Self-Selection and Assessment

Likewise, employer branding videos allow prospective candidates to gain a better sense of whether or not they’d be a good fit with your company. Sure, you want every viewer to come away jazzed, but you also want the right candidate.

5. Film Is Cost-Effective

Getting noticed in this modern media world comes down to three things: engagement, engagement, engagement. And what a bonus if that engagement doesn’t empty your pockets! To maximize engagement in the most cost-effective way possible, integrate film into your employer branding strategy.

6. Film Boosts Ongoing Engagement

There is no greater service you can do for your brand than to increase your audience’s ability to interact and engage with it. With the greater reach that video allows comes a wider scope of candidates, and a wider scope increases your chances of landing the best talent out there.

7. Film: It Spreads!

Because short videos are conducive to viral spread, you can gather months worth of content in just a few days of filming. By not having to go back to the studio or scout new locations for every new video campaign, you’ll save valuable time and resources.

With strategic social media promotion, video content has the potential to garner views and be shared at a much higher rate than written content. And choosing an excellent digital partner (hint, hint, wink, wink) can provide an extra boost!

8. Film: It’s Fun!

You probably do have a fun, innovative culture. So shelve the stock photos and run-of-the-mill testimonials, and take an approach that demonstrates your culture rather than merely singing its praises. Candidates will get a much better idea of what the role entails and what your organisation is all about from a lively, unique film than they would from tired corporate marketing materials.

9. Ease of Measurement

Video offers a bevy of easily measurable metrics that can deliver immediate statistical feedback as to the efficacy of your tactics. Traditional recruitment strategies, on the other hand, lack film’s capacity for up-to-the-second measurement of views, shares, and engagement — and in turn, for real-time edits that refine your company’s message and boost your voice.

10. Film Is Informative

In any employer branding campaign, the objective is to reach a specific target audience. Choosing film as your campaign medium can do a lot of that work for you. 79% of consumers prefer to consume information in video format rather than written text, which means that your rate of retention among candidates will likely increase.


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