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Casual is "Hungarily" Anticipating Budapest's World Employer Branding Day — Here's Why

World Employer Branding Day in Budapest is fast approaching. Here’s what you can expect in terms of participating organisations, high-profile speakers, and awards ceremonies.

What’s World Employer Branding Day All About?

Some folks would call the celebration of World Employer Branding Day (April 27-28) the happiest two days of the year. Granted, those folks are mostly employer branding professionals, but we here at Casual Films are pretty pumped!

This year, over 300 thought leaders and more than 35 brand partners — representing over 40 countries — will descend upon Budapest, Hungary, to soak in new ideas, grow their professional networks, and get inspired to take employer branding to the next level.

25 major international presenters will inspire the brightest up-and-coming industry minds with cutting edge best practices and EB innovations. Set against Budapest’s beautiful, timeless cityscape, branding experts from Facebook, Microsoft, Virgin Media, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ferrero will drop much more than a weekend’s worth of knowledge while also sticking around to mix and mingle with their peers and admirers.

Budapest’s Line-up

The weekend’s events range from informative to just plain fun, with some golden networking opportunities for industry insiders. Most importantly, the full day International Employer Branding Summit — the main event — will be followed by a cocktail party, boat cruise, and Partners Lunch.

Overall, the weekend is focussed around three main themes:

1) People

Employer branding is all about the people. As the search for global talent intensifies, organisations must strive to deliver the best for their employees. Candidates, customers and employees alike demand consistent, positive experiences. Speakers will focus on the opportunities for brands to flourish under those expectations. A great video campaign — animated or otherwise — is the perfect medium to attract talent and extol the virtues of any organisation’s employer brand.

2) Technology

What better way to gain and retain talent than by enhancing work life with innovative tech? Technological advances are paving the way for a world of satisfied workers and great employer experiences — technology like film (cough, cough)! With interactive video, virtual reality and artificial intelligence poised for ubiquity in the months and years to come, we’re gearing up to ride with the times. Speakers will discuss the connection between the next wave of technology and the next wave of employer branding innovation.

3) Community

At Casual Films, we believe in showcasing the communities within our clients’ organisations — and apparently, we’re not alone. Workplace community builds from a shared sense of purpose, passion, and a meaningful mission. Today, for instance, that means transparent, responsible, authentic business practices. We can’t wait to hear what the event’s speakers have to say about building togetherness through employer branding — both in the office and in the communities an organisation serves.

Casual’s Involvement

Casual Films is one of several terrific companies representing the UK at this year’s event. As well as serving as a brand and country partner, we’re also proud to be in the running for a Golden Clip Award.

This year, our work with Marriott International, Teach First, Two Sigma, Nestle, and FactSet will be up for consideration. Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing our own CEO Barnaby Cook as one of four judges on the Golden Clip panel (we promise, there won’t be any bias on our part!). See you there — we can’t wait!


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